Ms. Sahar Abdelaziz

Clinical Counselling Manager Viafet, Dubai, UAE
Ms. Sahar has been working with Viafet Genomics Laboratory as a Clinical Counselling Manager since 2016, providing clinical expertise and quality patient support. She has experience in many areas including, cytogenetics, reproductive genetics (PGT-M/PGT-A), prenatal genetics, public health education, and Arab population genetics. During the past 6 years, she has been supporting hundreds of families throughout their treatment journeys. Prior to her experience, Sahar underwent comprehensive and specialized training programs in medical genetics and reproductive medicine. Since working with Viafet, her primary focus lies in promoting public awareness about genetic disorders that are particularly prevalent in the GCC region, contributing regularly in scientific workshops and genetic conferences held in the UAE. Sahar adopts a very personalized approach during her counselling services. By first evaluating, identifying, and interpreting a family’s risk towards developing an inherited medical condition, she is able to provide individuals with proper insights into the genetic aspects of an illness, thus helping them understand the inheritance pattern of a particular genetic disorder.