ENVIRONMENT Beauty and home products affect fertility. These may contain chemicals that reduce the quality of eggs/sperm. Choose products free from BPA and phthalates


HABIT Caffeine, alcohol and smoking affect fertility. They increase the length of time it takes to conceive, decrease live birth rates and affect the health of the developing foetus


WEIGHT The fertility zone for weight is a BMI between 20 to 24. A healthy diet alongside some physical activity can help you move towards this fertility zone.


DIET Avoid trans fats, use more vegetable oils, prefer vegetable protein, choose slow carbs, take a multi-vitamin and drink plenty of water


INCIDENCE Infertility is more common and affects 1 out of 6, which is worsening every year. At most 48.5 million people are affected worldwide


CAUSES The major causes of infertility are: Male Factor (37%), Ovulatory Problems (13%) Fallopian Tubes (12%), Endometriosis (6%) Unexplained Causes (32%)